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India is developing and emerging as a global leader today. India’s political, cultural and trade relations are also progressing with other nations in the world. To meet the travel requirements of the embassy delegates, dignitaries and diplomats, SkyConnect provides special embassy travel oriented services.

At SkyConnect, we understand the value of your precious time. Our technologically advanced aircrafts are fully equipped with all latest facilities to provide you comfort and ease of travelling. Saving time by availing our timely services can give you advantage of focusing on your work rather than wasting unnecessary time on travelling.

If Embassy delegates are traveling as part of a group or team of delegates, private jet is a great way to travel affordably. In a private charter you can bring your team along, with assured privacy of discussions being held, there is no way better than a private jet. Compared to the cost of flying every member in first class in a commercial flight, a private trip is actually a reasonable and less expense way to travel & saves time.

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