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C-level executives are shaping the global business scenario all over the world & time indeed is money for them. SkyConnect offers corporate charters to different business communities to travel multiple destinations even on a short time notice. We are punctual and understand the importance of time in business. No time is wasted in waiting for departure, no waiting for connecting flights & definitely no lengthy check-in process.

So whether it is a client meeting, a board visit, site visit, an urgent meetings or just indulging your key customers, a private charter allows you to eliminate all distractions and skip all needless waiting processes. If you are traveling as part of a group or a project team, private jet is a great way to travel affordably. In a private charter you can bring your team along, with assured privacy of discussions being held or if you are a celebrity & want to stay away from the prying eyes of fanatic fans, there is no better way than a private jet. Compared to the cost of flying every member in first class in a commercial flight, a private flight is actually a reasonable way of traveling & saves time.

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