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If your demands are for a fast, convenient, safe mode of transport where you are in control of the schedule, SkyConnect is the solution. Whether for a family celebration, hospitality flights or for a personal flight, SkyConnect provides a secure environment where distance shrinks, time is conserved, and even money saved.

Giving You The Edge

  • Dedicated Single Point of Contact with SkyConnect as the "SkyConnect Experience Manager" will be communicated to the client in the mail containing the pricing proposal to the client.
  • Cost effective small aircraft and helicopters that provide an affordable 'same day' service for site visits and business meetings.
  • Any location can be reached with ease - for domestic business trips or short flights to any destination in India.
  • Time saving visits to multiple locations in the same day - and then back to the office within hours.
  • Flexible schedule with an aircraft and crew that will wait on stand-by for your next appointment.
  • SkyConnect Experience Manager available 24 hours a day to respond to any changes in your plans or requirements.
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